Drifter's Story

Thank you all so very much for making Drifter's retirement
hunting gala a big success.  He had a blast walking the 
grassy Wisconsin roads, smelling the alluring smells of a 
damp north woods.  He pointed several times from the road, 
and by the end of the week was wandering in the woods a little 
bit without too much assistance.  Although we couldn't get the 
gun on his "finds"  (we sure tried!) he didn't seem to care.  
His form and technique, of course,  was not powerful and 
beautiful as in the old days, but just getting him there to the
woods was beautiful in itself. Thank you!


On 7/21/13 (Sunday) my Cocker Spaniel dog "Cosmo" was bitten on his mouth by a rattlesnake in my backyard. 

Dr. Schultz, at Prineville Veterinary Clinic (behind Bi-mart) answered my emergency telephone call and met me near the clinic. I am so grateful to him. He saved Cosmo's life and I am grateful to his staff. 

Everyone, please check into the rattlesnake vaccine and all the information provided for your animal's safety. -Becky Christman-

Congrats to Stanley and his owner at the Crook County Fair! 

stanley 001_2.jpg

    I will never be able to thank all of you for what you have done for Teddy and I.  I was so scared he was not going to make it through out all of his problems with his skin.  I knew he would be all I would have some day to get me through these lonely times.  A very special thank you to Dr. Schultz you are a miracle Doctor.  So very grateful for your being there when we needed you.  The phone calls you made checking on Teddy meant so very much.  Teddy is doing great.  Thanks so very much to all of you. 


­My name is Lady Puddy, I am a seven year old Sheppard cross and I am here to tell this story because of the skill and care of my friends at Prineville Vet Clinic. Almost a year ago, they spotted a very fast growing lump on my lower leg. My people seemed worried, I never was. I had three surgeries, so many chemo treatments that I can't count that high, and the pills (I don't like pills)!! But I am still alive today, and a very happy dog!! Except that I don't get to go visit my friends very often any more. If I'm in the car with Frank or Sue and we are anywhere near the Clinic I start whining to go there!!! I can't get inside fast enough to greet everyone!!

IMG_0482.JPG   IMG_0464.JPG 

We are thankful for Dr. Schultz and the staff at Prineville Veterinary Clinic.  The care they provide for our pets is second to none.  The personal attention they give to our concerns, no matter how big or small, gives us great comfort as they provide care for our pets.  The Leffler pack is comprised of four dogs Spencer, Hunter, Remi, and Brody.  Through the years Dr. Schultz and the staff have given each of the dogs special attention in their time of need.  Spencer with his dislocated tail as a puppy, Brody through his first year of puppy hood and Hunter through a very trying bout with cancer.  Hunter has developed a special friendship with the staff at Prineville Veterinary Clinic.  Hunter arrives for his treatments with the excitement reserved for family, and is reluctant to leave when we come to get him.  Again, we are very thankful to Dr. Schultz and the staff at Prineville Veterinary Clinic for the care given to our pets and concern given to our needs as pet parents.

Bennett and Kim Leffler


Dear Dr. Schultz and wonderful staff:

 We would like to thank you all for such wonderful care and saving our lives last September.  If it had not been for your knowledge, great efforts, and terrific care we might not be writing you this note!!  We will try very hard not to get ourselves in that position again!  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and paws.

Affectionately- Tuffie and Rex Sessler 



Dr. Schultz and Staff,

Thank you so much for not only saving Amber's life, but also for taking such wonderful care of her while she was with you.  Her recovery was quick and she's as good as new.  She's everything to our family and we thank you!!!

Krista Snyder

~ With Heartfelt Thanks ~

Dr. Rhet & his A Team,

We wanted you all to know just how much we totally admire all of you!!  You are all a pack of angels saving lives to our dearly loved pets that most of us can't live without, thanks to all of your help & knowledge.  Jakie live a lot longer than we thought he would and he did not suffer.  THANK YOU, I am grateful.

Lauren & Jordie Simmons



Dr. Schultz & Staff,

               Just to let you know, Polly is doing well after her medicine. She started eating and walking again.  She is with the other chickens, running around and being happy.  She actually clucks now, albeit very quietly!  We are going day by day with her other issue, but every day when she waddles down from the chicken coop, we are happy!

Thank you very much for your expertise!

Dave & Claire Melhorn


Dear Dr. Schultz and staff,

   Thank you for taking such good care of me today. I love my new toy!! Thank you!!

Sincerely and Best Regards, your new BFF.... Nash Poulos

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