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Rodenticide Poisons and Pets

As the weather warms up, the rodents of Central Oregon become active, and the annual invasion of our homes, gardens and fields begins.   To keep these pests at bay we set traps and poison baits, and before long veterinarians get calls and visits from pet owners whose dogs and cats may have eaten the bait.
For many years the most common rodenticide poison was “d-Con” and similar products, sold in the form of treated grain, granules, and bars.   These products utilized poisons called second-generation anticoagulants, such as brodifacoum.    They caused death by interfering with blood clotting, causing affected animals to bleed internally.  When pets were exposed, veterinarians could diagnose the presence of the toxin using readily available blood tests.   Exposed animals were routinely treated with an effective, specific antidote: Vitamin K. 
In 2008, the EPA initiated a plan to phase out the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, to reduce deaths due to secondary exposure of non-target wildlife from eating anticoagulant- poisoned rodents.  On March 31, 2015 the last brodifacoum rodenticides were shipped to retail stores.
The most common rodenticide exposure we now see at Prineville Veterinary Clinic is to bromethalin, the active ingredient in Tomcat rodenticides.  This poison is sold in the form of bars designed to be placed in bait stations, and not in grains or loose granules.  Bromethalin is a neurotoxin.  Signs of poisoning may appear hours to several days after ingestion, and may range from weakness and lethargy to tremors and convulsions, and death.  There is no readily available diagnostic test for bromethalin poisoning, and no antidote exists. 
If an animal is believed to have ingested bromethalin, induction of vomiting within two hours (and preferably much sooner) is the most effective means of preventing illness or death.   Care of sick animals is symptomatic and supportive, and days to weeks of treatment may be required.  The prognosis for symptomatic animals is guarded at best.   If you think your pet may have eaten poison, call our hospital immediately.  Be sure to look at the packaging, and bring any labels to the clinic so that appropriate treatments can be initiated quickly.
Based on published toxicity studies we estimate that ingesting two bars of bromethalin would likely be fatal to a 10 pound dog; cats are more sensitive, and less than one bar could be fatal to a 10 pound cat. 
Prevention of poisoning is of course the best way to counter the threat of bromethalin toxicity.  Never place poison bait bars outside of secure bait stations, and store the bars in a secure place.   Bromethalin is not the only registered rodenticide; other chemicals are available, including “first-generation” anticoagulants.  For more information on the use of traps and rodent poisons, visit the EPA website at www.epa.gov/rodenticides.  

Dr. John Carr DVM

Prineville Veterinary Clinic



Free Vaccines for Life Health Care Plan

The doctors and staff at Prineville Veterinary Clinic want your pets to live a long and happy life. We believe annual wellness care is important for the longevity of your pets.  So here’s an incentive to make it easier and more affordable for you to bring your pets in every year!

Introducing free vaccines for life........

We are proud to announce a new program that makes annual wellness care easier and more affordable than ever before.  When you bring in your pets for their annual care, we will be happy to offer recommended core vaccinations for free.  Here’s how the program works.

To start your pet(s) on the Free Vaccines for Life program you will need to schedule an appointment for an annual wellness exam.

Once your pet has received this wellness care, core vaccines will be given at no additional charge, which is a savings up to $70.00.     

Introducing Laser Therapy to Prineville Veterinary Clinic

The Companion Therapy Laser™ system provides a non-invasive modality that initiates numerous physiological and biological processes. In summary, it stimulates the animal to heal itself. Laser therapy relieves pain while promoting advanced healing techniques on everything from lacerations to chronic joint pain.

  For more information click on the Companion Laser Therapy tab above.

We Now Have Feline Friendly Boarding!!

Our suites feature a catwalk up to a window so your feline friend can lay in the sun and relax. These suites are in a completely separate building from any dogs, so they are quiet and peaceful for your cat. Each suite features a window for bird watching outside, a scratching post, cozy little house, toys, and litter box. 

In addition to cat boarding we also offer addition spa care for your kitty. We offer nail trims, baths, and lion cut trims. If your cat has a medical condition we have licensed Veterinary on staff to treat your cat if needed. 

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, renovating or moving into a new home, or simply want to treat your cat to a little vacation while you have guest over your cat will experience the best care at our cat exclusive boarding resort. 

Call today to make reservations for your cat or cat's.


At Prineville Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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I will never be able to thank all of you for what you have done for Teddy and I. I was so scared he was not going to make it through out all of his problems with his skin. I knew he would be all I would have some day to get me through these lonely times. A very special thank you to Dr. Schultz you are a miracle Doctor. So very grateful for your being there when we needed you. The phone calls you made checking on Teddy meant so very much. Teddy is doing great. Thanks so very much to all of you.

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